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Sri Lanka Food, Pittu (Puttu)

Neethuppetty - Click to view largePittu or Puttu is a traditional food of Jaffna Tamil people who are not only living in Srilanka but also in Europe, North America and Asutralia. This food is made through steaming process, so there is no oil or fat is involved in the process of making it. Puttu is mostly served for breakfast and dinner too all over the world in Tamil people's homes. The pittu can be strong or soft depending on the maker's processing and the hot water teparature that is used in the dough making process. Making pittu can be done within 30 minutesof time. The pittu can be made in "Kulal" (Bamboo - Tube) or in "Neethuppetty" or in a steaming pan in bulk.

Pittu is similar to African food kuskus but not the exact one in taste. The food pittu was mentioned in the Thiruvathavuradigal Puranam book's Chemmanachchelviar story where Lord Siva got cane beating punishment for the labor work which he did for the benefit of pittu.

There are many kinds of pittu available with different kinds of floor.

  1. Rice floor Pittu
  2. Bread flour Pittu (Maida Flour)
  3. Kurakkan Pittu
  4. Odiyal Pittu
  5. Keerai Pittu
  6. Atta Pittu
  7. Mannip pittu
  8. Paal pittu (Milk pittu)
  9. Sura Pittu (Shark fish Pittu)

Puttu coconut sambal

coconut pittu

puttu sambal