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Iddiyappam on tray


Chilli Sambal

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To make coconut sambal (Jaffna Style.)

1. ½ Coconut grated
2. 12 - 15 Long dried chilies
3. 4,5 Small onions or ½ piece big onion
4. 1 or 2 garlic if desired.
5. Some Black pepper 10-15
6. Salt for taste
7. Curry Leaves 5 - 6
8. Lemon

Put all the ingredients in the food processor except lemmon and grind it dry as the water in the onion and coconut will make the "sambal" as paste. After grinding the sambal put it in a bowl and add lemon juice, take care not to drop lemon seeds inside.

Use sambal within 5 to 6 hours, if kept in refrigerator can be used upto 24 hours.

Eating Iddiyappam with hot chilli sambal is always very tasty

Scraping Coconut Chilli Sambal