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How To Make Appam - Hoppers.

Take 250 Grams of rice and soak it in the water for 10 hours.
Take the rice and grind it or pound it with out water.
Use sifter and take out a hand full of smashed rice in very small pieces.
The rest of the rice should be made in to fine flour.
Put it in a bowl and add
two tables spoon of cocunut milk,
two table spoon floor,
1 tea spoon sugar
and two pinch of baking powder. After 24 hours add little salt as per taste and add some thick coconut milk
and enough water.
It is ready to make hoppers.
Use clean hopper pan.

Cut a big onion in to two halves and rub it very good in side the hopper pan if it sticks.
Also can add sweet syrubs like this for sweet hoppers.