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How to make Iddiyappam

The rice flour must be steamed or roasted prior to making the Iddiyappam. This can be done in home or can be purchased from shops as ready to use rice flour. But it is better to shift that flour to remove unwanted impurities from the flour.

To make Idiyappam for 4 people,
½ kilo Roasted rice flour
100 grams steamed Bread flour.
Salt 2 pinch (as for taste.)
Hot water

1. Shift rice flour and bread flour with the shifter and put them in a pan.
2. Add salt
3. Add little hot water to the flour in the pan and make it as paste. (Dough)
4. Let the water to boil in the steamer.
5. Take little dough and put in the "Iddiyapa Ural" and press it while rotating it in the clock wise motion over the "Iddiyappa Thattu" (Tray). You can see the dough coming as noodles. Don't put too much layer. 1-1/2 round is enough.

Put 7, 8 trays together and steam it for 5 minutes.
To check whether they are steamed well just press with your two fingers, if they don't stitch together it's ok.

Iddiyappam will stay soft and usable upto 6 hours, if kept covered in the refrigerator can be kept for 24 hours.

There are no special safety measures to be taken for making Iddiyappam, only you have to take normal care as for other food.

Iddiyappam Streamer

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