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Chilli Sambal

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About Iddiyappam

Normally in villages the cleaned rice is put in to the water to be fully soaked in the water for hours and then in the evening it will be grinded to make flour. The flour is then shifted with hand shifter to remove the small pieces of rice and to grind them again.

The shifted flour is then steamed in steamer. After the steaming the flour is left to little cool down. There after a it is put in to a pan and sprayed with salt (as per taste) and cool water and made in to paste. The paste is then put in to Iddiyappa Ural and pressed to make over the "Iddiyappa Thattu". Then 5, 6 "Thattu's are put in the steamer pot and steamed for 3-5 minutes. After that they are served hot or cool with the "sambal" or "kulambu" or " sothi" or all together as per the person's taste.

Tamil English
Iddiyappam String hoppers
Kulambu Hot Gravy made with Chili powder
Sothi White or Yellow colored coconut milk watery dish.
Sambal. Grinded red hot chili based paste with different ingredients.
Iddiyappa Thattu Tray to keep the uncooked pressed dough.
Iddiyapa Ural Dough pressing hand held gadget.
Rasam Coriander seed and tamarind based soup like dish.

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