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Rasa Valli Pudding.

Rasavalli - Click for large viewRasa valli kilangu pudding, the violet color Yam, is the No1 sweet dish in the Srilankan Tamil people's life. They used to make this rasavalli pudding in the evening and it is loved by children to elders. The rasavalli used to be available in mass when it is season over here. The round shaped one provides tasty smooth paste while the unshaped ones used to provide hard pieces in it when cooked. It is most delicious when it is in hot and creamy stage. If placed on a try and let it to be cooled it can be cut in to pieces as cakes.

It is very simple to make and can be preserved for one day in room temperature. This desert can be kept in refrigerator and can be used in later days. In Sri Lanka this is available in the dry season only. In India Tamil Nadu this Rasa valli is called as Maha valli Kilangu.

Rasa valli kilangu is produced most part of the tropical countries in the world.Ube - Click to view large

Botanical name: Dioscorea alata (water yam)
This Dioscorea alata is called with different names. Here are some of them.
Philippine Ube or UbiUbe - Click to view large
Hindi Ratalu or violet yam
Marathi KondFal
Vietnam khoai m
Tonga: ufi
Hawaii: uhi
Tahiti: ufi

How to make Rasa Valli Pudding.

Click to view largeRasavalli Pudding - Click to view large

Ube Pudding - Click to view large

1/2 Kg Rasa valli Killangu.

250 Grams Sugar.

1 Cup Coconut milk (Can be replaced by condensed milk or Evaporated Milk)

Wash and lean the skin of the kilangu.

Cut it in to tiny pieces.

Put it in a pot and add water to cover it.

Boil it slowly till the Kilangu becomes soft.

Add milk and sugar and stir well.

After one time boiling make it as a paste with a hard spoon.

If like you can add Cashew nuts and Raisin to increase the perfect look and its taste.