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How to Make Veechchu Rotti - Parota.

Parota is prepared in Srilanka with the name Veechchu rotti. Most of these rottis are then sent to make the famous Koththu Rotti.

In Sri Lanka muslim people used to make the Veechchu riotti in their resturants in the evenings in around 1960's. Now in Sri lanka kothu rotti is a common word and food all over the island.

Then there are Vechchu rotti, Egg rotti, curry rotti, chilli parota and koththu rotti. Veechchu rotti or the so called parota is in the shape of round and thick in volume.
Egg Rotti used to be in the square shape where it will have cooked egg .inside of it like omelet.

Curry rotti normally in the shape of square if it is containing the vegetable curry normally hot chilly potatoes curry. If it is non vegetarian, then it will be in the shape of triangle.

How to make the Veechchu Rotti.Rotti
Required time to prepare, 2 hours before the dinner time.
Thimgs Necessary.
Thick bottom pan or Thosaik Kallu.
2 Large Silver Trays or like that plates.
Cooking oil 500Ml.
500 Gram Maida flour (Bread flour - Kothamba Maa)
Salt for taste.

Put the flour in a bowl and add enough water and salt and make it as dough.
Oil the Silver try.
Now make 10 small balls from the dough.
Place them separately on the tray and slightly oil them to keep from drying.
Cover them with a muslin cloth or plastic sheet or a suitable one.Parata Rotti
After 2 hours the balls one by one and place them on a well oiled tray.
Press it to look like chappati or dosai. Put oil and press more and more to expand it in all side it will come like rubber sheet and thin.
Take it from one side make it like @ shape.
Put little oil and press slightly and it will stick inside.
Put the Thosaik Kallu on cooker on low fire and when hot put oil and then put the Rotti.
After 3 minutes or if it become brown turn it to the other side do it again and till it become brown
There may be some burnt spots and it is normal.
Enjoy your Srilanka Veechchu rotti with Chicken curry or hot potatoes curry.