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How to Make Seeni Sambal, Sri Lanka Style?

Seeni Sambol, Seeni sambal, sambal, Sri lankan styleSeeni Sambal means sugar sambal. But it is a sweet, sour and chili hot curry. The seeni sambal if prepared perfectly will last for 2-3 days without any preservation in the room temperature. In Srilanka the seeni sambol is served with hot bread, pittu, buriyani or yellow rice.

Necessary things to make seeni sambal.
A cooking pan with thick bottom and lid.
Onion 250 Gram
Chili Power 3 spoon or for Taste.
Tamarind 25 Gram
Sugar 1 Spoon
Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom little.
Little curry leaves
Cooking Oil 25 Ml

Clean and cut the onion in to halves, then slice them in ti to long small pieces.
Put the pan on the stove. Don't start the fire.Seeni Sambol, Seeni sambal, sambal
Put the oil in to the pan.
Place the onion over the oil.
Put the chili powder, salt.
Close the lid and start the fire at very low.
(If electric set the temperature to very low.)
The main thing is to do slow cooking so the steam from the onion will cook the onion and chili powder.
It will need 10 minutes.
In the mean time put the Tamarind in a small bowl and add very little water and make it as a thick cream.
After 10 minutes tamarind cream, salt sugar and the spices and slowly stir it under low fire.
Do this till no more water vapor is coming out.
Stop the fire.
When the heat is reduced it can be served with the main dish.
If you like you can add little dried Maldive fish chips at any time while cooking.

Look this youtube video on Seeki Sambal.
1 lb onions (red ) sliced
20 curryleaves
1 inch piece cinnamon
5 pods cardomom
11/2 tsp red chili flakes
3 tbsp oil
salt to taste
sugar to balance salt