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Idiyappam (String Hoppers) is Srilanka Tamil people's traditional food made by steaming process. This is made with rice flour after passing much process. Rice flour, salt and water are mixed and made as dough. Then it is made in to noodles looking alike idiyappam with the ural. It is served for breakfast and dinner as main food with hot chili coconut sambal, hot chili powder gravy ("Kulambu") or sweet tasting white gravy made with coconut milk ("Sothi").

This is a healthy nutritional food if consumed in correct quantity. Apart from everyone's regular daily food, Iddiyappam is a preferred food for infants, elderly people and people who are recovering from illnesses. For infants it is mashed with banana and little sugar and given as meal in the morning and night. For elders and recovering people it served with "Sothi" or black pepper Juice (mulligatawny soup).

Also there is many more kind of rasam as Pirandai Rasam, Tomato rasam, Pineapple rasam, Jeera rasam, Kandathippili rasam, Neem leaf rasam, Lime rasam, Ginger rasam, Garlic rasam.

Small children always like to have Idiyappam with grated fresh coconut and sugar.

For wedding parties Iddiyappam is served with hot lamb or mutton curry.

Also Idiyappam is made as egg, chicken or lamb buriyani and used to be served with boiled eggs and hot gravy in special functions like wedding party and birthday parties.

To make Iddiyappam you will need the following things, which are freely available in most of the Sri Lanka, Indian super markets worldwide.

  1. "Idiyappa Ural" (Specially made wooden gadget)
  2. "Idiyappa thattu" (Small trays, which can pass steam through it)
  3. A steam pot

The rice flour must be steamed or roasted prior to making the Iddiyappam. This can be done in home or can be purchased from shops as ready to use rice flour. But it is better to shift that flour to remove unwanted impurities from the flour.

How to Make Iddiyappam?

About Iddiyappam?

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